Special Initiatives Grant

Call for Proposals

The Special Initiatives Grant is designed to provide support for Educator and Student Membership. The goal of the Special Initiatives Grant is to help faculty and students within Texas and Oklahoma by providing funding resources in three categories: Research, Educational Experience, and Educational Tools. All proposals, regardless of category, should demonstrate clear goals and outcomes within a defined scope and set duration. Requests for funding up to $3,000.00 will be considered. The committee may decide to award some or all of the funds in one category or to split the funds among several requests. The number of awards given will be determined by response, quality of submissions, and funding availability.

Submission Categories/Theme

Applicants must meet ALL of the following requirements:

  • Research
    Proposals under the research category may include research endeavors by individuals or teams. Submissions should include a well-articulated method of inquiry and discovery, clearly stated goals and intended outcomes. Funding for undergraduate, graduate, or PhD research will also be considered in this category as long as the primary investigator is an IIDA member.
  • Educational Experience
    Proposals under the educational experience category should include non-research activities or projects directly pertaining to engagement of the educator and/or students in the classroom. Submissions should clearly define the scope of the experience, expected learning objectives/outcomes, and how the experience will contribute to the educational output of the course and/or curriculum. Proposals in this category could include but are not limited to funding for a specific project in a studio course, speakers, workshops, events/exhibitions, and public service activities.
  • Educational Tools
    Proposals under the educational tools category may include funding requests for equipment, materials, software, furniture, etc. that directly supports the teaching of interior design within the university. Submissions should clearly explain the need for the tool(s), the direct impact the tool(s) will have on the ability to teach interior design, and how the tool(s) will support curriculum or coursework. 


Eligibility Requirements

All proposals require the primary participation of an IIDA member in good standing. Proposal teams may include non-members. Proposals that demonstrate matching or supplemental funds are encouraged, but will not be given priority over other proposals.


Evaluation Criteria

Each submission will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Quality of proposal and written narrative
  • Overall advancement of interior design education or knowledge
  • For the Research category, contribution to the interior design body of knowledge
  • For the Educational categories, impact of the proposal on the faculty/student experience and contribution to interior design coursework/curriculum 


Application Checklist 

  • Application Form (Online)
  • Proposal Narrative (.PDF)
  • CV of Primary Team Member(s) (.PDF)
  • List of Estimated Expenditures (.PDF)
    Please include all additional sources for funding, if applicable. Be as specific as possible in estimations. 


Application Process 

  • Proposals are due via electronic submission by September 28, 2023.
  • Each proposal will receive confirmation of receipt of the proposal submission with all required documents.
  • The IIDA Texas Oklahoma Chapter Board will review all proposals.
  • Grant recipient(s) will be notified by late October and will be recognized at the SHIFT24 Conference in Dallas, Texas.

Submission Deadline

Thursday, September 28th, 2023

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